Walking together

We walk together; God has made us like that. God has placed us in families and churches and other social settings. It is a good thing.

Sometimes we walk alone; It may be by choice or not. Sometimes it is good to be alone. Sometimes it is because we have had a struggle with a relationship. Maybe with someone in our family; Maybe with God.

Walking alone because of a broken relationship is very sad. Do you want to live like that? Are you happy like that? Many relationships can be repaired if we follow the steps outlined in Scripture. Some relationships cannot be repaired and all we can do is to make sure we are clear before God and have cleared ourselves with others where possible.

Relationships are the most important thing in life. More than anything else; More than your job, More than your bank account, More even than your health.

This week I am sharing a series of messages at Prairie Mennonite Church called “Walking Together”. You can listen to them or podcast them at  http://samspulpit.com/series/walking-together/

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