God’s awesome care

My heart is heavy for our church fellowship. One of my fellow pastors has resigned and left our church fellowship and it looks like a tough time coming up.

In my private devotional time this morning I went to Saturday’s prayer list. I use a list of family and church families that is divided up by days of the week. Each week I pray through the families of our church including children’s names. (Just added another this morning :)). Often I will petition God for a special need as I pray through the list. This morning I decided to just bring the names to God and entrust HIM to meet their special needs. I know he cares and loves much more deeply and knowledgeably than I do or ever could! I know that God wants to hear our special requests and many times it is important to vocalize those to God, but I was so blessed to just name the names and trust God to take care of things in His own perfect, loving way!

My God is awesome in His care for His people! We can absolutely trust Him!

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