God is working

It is one of the first things we ask each other, especially as men, when we get acquainted. What do you do? What is your work? But what does God do? What is His work? What is He accomplishing on an on-going basis?

God’s work defines Him; We get to know God through what He is busy doing. We see some of His attributes in shoe leather; His great power, His sovereignty, His love for His creatures. There are basically two extremes in the way we can view God at work in our world today.

First – that He is uninvolved; He is not here – He is basically absent. He created our world and then withdrew. God is an absentee landlord who will return at some point to collect rent. Many of the Deists of yesteryear held this view; the George Washingtons and Thomas Jeffersons. God created the clock, wound it up and left. God was referred to in the abstract as Divine Providence or some such. God is not involved in the affairs of men in an on-going kind of way.

The second extreme is what taught in many of our Reformed churches today; God is sovereign, and nothing happens outside of his working. God is micro-managing each detail that occurs. We are the keys on a keyboard that He is stroking. God is the Divine chess player and we are His pawns. We are God’s puppets and each of our moves is orchestrated by a hidden Hand. We have little choice in what God is doing in our lives. God predestined every person to a good or bad end.

The correct view of God’s work in our world is neither of these extremes. God is involved and takes an intense interest in what is occurring here on earth. He is not absent. He is here. He is working here today. But God has given man, that He created, the ability to make choices with the resulting ability to Love Him or to take their own way – to rebel against the working of God. Along with the choices God allows, there are consequences that He did not want.

We make those choices all the time. You are making those choices as you read this today – I am also; as I write. We are not puppets. God, in His sovereignty, could have made us that way but chose otherwise.http://samspulpit.com/podcast/god-is-working/

God’s greatest work on earth involves the redemption of people to Himself. God created man in His image and made them with the ability to fellowship with Him and to bring glory to Him. Man fell through disobedience and rebellion. God knew all about what would happen when He gave us the freedom to make choices. We would mess it up. He planned for our redemption way back before He created the universe.

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